The Big Bath Sleep-out

Friday 9th March, 2018
Alice Park, Bath

Well done & thank you to nearly 300 people who braved the relentless rain and mud at the Big Bath Sleep-Out on Friday night. It was a tough night with many people waking up soaked to the skin, but it really bought home that it was just ONE night and we were lucky to have homes to go back to.

So far the amount raised is already at an amazing £39,000 with more to come!

Thank you to everyone who gave up their cosy bed for one night, everyone who sponsored, Alice Park Café, Bath Boules, Royal Engineers and our wonderful volunteers.

If you would like to be amongst the first to be told of the 2019 Sleep-Out date please email

No-one, especially Julian House, is under any illusion that spending one night sleeping in Alice Park could possibly replicate what it is like to be homeless and on the streets. Of course it may be cold and uncomfortable, but after taking part in the Big Bath Sleep-Out you can go home, have a warm bath, a nice breakfast, chat to your family and friends about your experience or even catch up on the sleep you would have lost.

But what if you don’t have a home to go back to? By taking part in the Big Bath Sleep-Out you will not only be raising much needed sponsorship but you will also be raising awareness about the hardship our clients face – realising that one night doesn’t come close to the stark reality of homelessness.


This year’s Sleep-Out