Why take part?

Rough Sleeping in Bath

No-one, especially Julian House, is under any illusion that spending one night sleeping in Alice Park could possibly replicate what it is like to be homeless and on the streets. Of course it may be cold and uncomfortable, but after taking part in the Big Bath Sleep-Out you can go home, have a warm bath, a nice breakfast, chat to your family and friends about your experience or even catch up on the sleep you would have lost.

This is your opportunity to help homeless and excluded men and women in and around Bath. It might seem a romantic idea – sleeping outside, watching the stars and day dreaming…but imagine having no choice but to do it every night. Julian House would like to invite you to ditch the comfort of your warm bed for just one night in Alice Park.

The sponsorship you raise will help Julian House run its various projects supporting homeless men and women. We do not set a minimum but hope you will raise as much as you can. You can enter as an individual, as a family, with friends or as a team, with work colleagues or as an organisation.